Non – Disclosure Agreement For Employees

Whenever two or more parties need have to share some sensitive information among themselves, the best is to use of Non – Disclosure Agreement. This Agreement doesn’t mean they are creating partnership among themselves but this means that they are sharing the confidential information by signing the Agreement. This Agreement can helps a lot in […]

Sample Request Letter For Transfer to Another Location

So, if you all looking for transferring to another location then we have provided the Sample Request letter for transfer to another location for you all, I am sure it will be very helpful for you all and will help you out in making your bright future. Who doesn’t want growth in life, it doesn’t […]

Free Printable Daily Planner For 2019

Hey there friends, today I am feel excited to be able to share with you regarding how to make daily and monthly planners for the year 2019. I hope you will enjoy this because it is the beautiful topic and you feel great after reading this section. It is the request from you all that […]

Letter of Achievement

A letter of Achievement is the one which is given to someone for recognizing any of their achievements. You can use this letter for recognizing your action which has taken till now and is not as same of responsibilities for a normal individual. Let us have an example for better understanding if an employee has […]

10+ Free Monthly Budget Templates

Is it really difficult to manage your monthly budget? Today we have uploaded monthly budget template and also we will discuss about the monthly budget template in details. This planner will help to manage your budget of the month as from this template you can find the expenses as well as the cost of every […]

How to Write an Invitation Letter

An invitation letter for an event cordially needs to be formal as per the system it has been always. Such kinds of letter are being to persons who are actually a very special guest in the respective event being held. The invitation letter does consist of all such relevant information regarding the event being held […]

Resume Templates Free Download Word

A resume is basically a sheet of paper which is required at the time of interview as it contain some basic information related to you. At the time when you are in search of job a resume is the most essential part of your search at that time. A resume is basically written compilation for […]

Sample of Employment Verification Letter

Employment verification letter: are you really very concern about the employment letter?  Letter of employment is essential for every person either you are boss or an employee. It is the basic things that need to do in any business field. It is the type of evidence that you are working in that particular company. Employment […]

How to Write a Letter to a Principal

There are various types of letters that can be written to the principal by the students or anyone who wants to contact the principal for any work or complaints. There are various types of the letter that can be written. These are:- Request letter for something that someone wants. Compliant letter by students to the […]

How to Write a Letter to Your Friend

In order to show love and concern one can go for writing a letter to his or her friend In spite of the fact that he or she is away from her. This action will make the person feel loved and will make him or her immensely happy. Also writing a letter to your friend […]