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Hello friends, If you are fed up with current job and thinking of quitting the job then you need to require of Resignation Letter. If you are a bit confused regarding the Resignation Letter, then we are here with the Resignation Letter Sample Template for you all. There are lot many resignation letters available on the internet but it’s your choice which one suits you or best suitable for you.

Resignation Letter Sample

Resignation Letter Sample

If you departing from the company it is wise to write the Resignation Letter. The resignation letter is the documented file which leaves the company for departure. We have designed the Resignation Letter with career-specific so that you can easily get through it. The most important thing that has to keep in mind is the format of the letter, it should be a Formal Letter. Because it leaves a good impression among the senior management and helps in getting the positive response.

Resignation Letter Format

Resignation Letter Format

Things that you need have to keep in mind is the format of the letter. Here are the steps what things you need have to include at the time of Resignation Letter Format:

  1. Date: Starting of the letter is with the date. It should be mention at the top and left most corner of the letter.
  2. Address: The business letter format should be in a formal way. Mention company address followed by the street address, state, city, and zip code.
  3. Resignation Declaration: It specifies that clear reason for departure.
  4. Departure Date: Be clear with the departure date when you are leaving the company.
  5. Reason for Leaving Company: I would like to clear with this section is that it is an optical section or if you want to go through it then you can.
  6. Thanking for the letter: You should end the letter with the special thanks.
  7. Signature: Signature leaves the good impression in front of other if you go through with the signature at the end.

Simple Resignation Letter (With Thank You)

Simple Resignation Letter

Be with the simple and good sense when you are writing Resignation Letter. Be with the short and point to point letter clear out with all the confusion the main things matter is what are things which is really matters at last:

  • The reason for leaving the company.
  • The last day with the company.

Be polite and be with appropriate word in front of all there will be exit if available.

Sample Resignation Letter DownloadSample Resignation Letter Download

Simple Resignation Letter PDF

Simple Resignation Letter PDF

A Resignation Letter is a form of giving notice to the organisation for quitting the job. The main objective of writing the Resignation Letter is to make a good relationship with the company. We too have provided the letter in PDF format as we know that how PDF format is best suitable for us.

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