How to Write an Informal Letter

An informal letter is to be written in such a way that you have to keep in mind the amount of informality you need to show or express in this respective letter. So basically these types of letters do depend on the person whom you are showing concern for and writing. In case the person whom you are willing to send this letter is a far relative then the letter needs to be a bit formal type whereas if the letter is to be sent to someone who is a close friend or a close relative or any sibling then no such formality is to be done while writing and completing this letter.

How to Write an Informal Letter

How to Write an Informal Letter

Informal letters can be written both in a handwritten way as well as with the help of an email also it can be written. A bit informal letter includes salutation like dear or hello as such while a whole letter which is informal includes salutations like Hi or Hey as per the convenience which is a bit better to the person planning to write the letter.

Formal and Informal Letter Format

Formal and Informal Letter Format

When one is starting to write an informal letter you can go by asking on how the person is in the current state such as “how are you dear?” or “is everything fine with you?” as per suitable according to you. Asking one’s condition shows that you do care for that person and you want to know about the state in which he or she is in at the present. One has to write the letter in such a way as if you are talking to that person in a manner of face to face. By this, you can write an informal letter in a much better way as compared to the other ways.

Writing a letter means communication as this is a source of communication between two or more people. So do communicate in the letter. For example, your grandma has gifted you something on your birthday and now you are about to write a letter to her showing her thank you and gratitude towards her for the gift. So while writing the letter, do not just say thank you and then stop writing and do not over the letter. Do go for asking on how is her health, how is she doing, how are the situations over there at her place, tell her to come and visit you soon and vice versa, these are things which can be written in the letter rather than being too straightforward.

Informal Letter Writing

One should know to whom which kind of letter is to be sent. Ending the letter should be done in ways like yours loving or yours fondly in such manners which shows how well you are in writing such letters.

Hostellers who do stay away from their parents and homes can also write letters do their parents by saying whatever problems they are facing over there or saying how much they do miss them and the condition regarding their studies and such related topics. All these ways are examples of such informal letters. There are a lot of problems which the students or the children do want to share with their parents but they cannot, so writing a letter is a solution to their big-time problems.

Informal Letter Format

Formal and Informal Letter Format, Informal Letter Format

Dear and respected are the terms which are also to be used in such kinds of letters which are basically informal type. A comma is to be put after the salutation dear which is a must task in completing such letters which are to be sent. If the letter is to be handwritten then the ink which is to be used is to be blue ink or the black ink rather than any other colorful in which will look pathetic in it. But, since,  it is an informal letter, so various colors can also be used as per the wish of the person writing.

While writing the letter one must be fully sure and aware of the fact that the ink does not overflow. In case this happens, the whole letter will be in a need to be written again with a fresh start which is actually a hectic task to be done.

Formal and Informal Letter Format

Informal letters can also be sent to your brothers and sisters by telling them about any event or camping which you have recently visited. You can describe all the moments which you have lived over there to them in an explanatory way. Or in case you are sending the letter to your sister then, in that case, you can say about the recent wedding which you did attend and how your lehenga did look the best amongst all other girls. The unlimited selfies which you took you can tell them too. This is one of the best ways by which details of each other can be shared.



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