How to Write a Reference Letter

In the phases of the career, one usually needs to show a letter of reference at some point of time or other. This letter is a very significant letter in the career lifestyle and one can need it any such moment so they should always be ready with it in case if it is being asked for. A letter of recommendation is very much necessary regardless of whether you are an employee, a relative, a friend or any other as such.

How to Write a Reference Letter

How to Write a Reference Letter

The letter of recommendation is another word for the reference letter. This kind of letter tells about the various qualities, abilities, skills and knowledge one possess or one acquires. Basically, this kind of letter is being written by someone who on actual basis known you and your acquired skills, techniques, abilities and abilities. This particular letter of recommendation specifies each and every details which you are supposed to have in order to get a job or which you are applying or else in order to get through an admission in a college or a university as per your requirements. After seeing this letter, all your work is said to be done as it is considered as one of the most important papers in the life of a person during a job or during admissions in the college and etcetera as such.

Reference Letter Format

Reference Letter Format

The letter of recommendation is said to be very necessary and each and every person at a certain point do need it for various purposes. Few of the purposes are being described here in brief. Basically for three number of works one needs a letter of reference. The first thing when you will need is when you go for applying in any job. By seeing and by going through this specific piece of paper, the interviewers or the main head will judge you if you are correct for this post or admission or not. The second thing is the admission in any institution for which one will for sure need this important letter of recommendation.

Reference Letter Template


The letter of recommendation should actually be very positive and should contain all the positive and good qualities of the person for which it is being written. No such negative point is to be included in this and in case f any such is being included then it might be difficult for that particular person to get through their work for which they have been trying or for which they have been applying.

This type of letter should be strictly professional and formal. No rude words or any kind of grammatical mistakes are to be encouraged here while writing this. Usually such kind of letters is being written by a colleague or by a teacher or professor of a university or any other such kind of familiar person who is in contact with the respective person looking for an admission or seeking for a particular job at any place.

Reference Letter Sample

Reference Letter Format, Reference Letter SAMPLE

There are actually two kinds of letter of recommendation. The first one is the professional letter while the second one is the personal letter. Coming to the second one, this type of letter is being written by friends or family members who can very well describe about the qualities which are good which the respective candidate or student is acquiring or is possessing. All the various types of attributes are to be discussed very nicely in brief in the letter so that no such confusion and doubt is being created while reading the letter or while going through it.

Reference Letter for Employee

It is very crucial to maintain the length of this kind of letters. The length of such letters should not exceed more than two to three pages which is quite perfect. In these two to three number of pages, one should clearly mention all the qualities which the specific person does possess.

Reference Letter for Internship

The very first thing one has to do before writing such kinds of letter is that they should know the person for whom they are writing in a very nice way, only then one can go for writing such a letter. No lies are to be mentioned anywhere in the whole letter. One must act responsible and sensible while writing this. In case of any such situation like if you do not know the person for a long time or in case you do not know her or him well and if you are not able to write the letter, then it is perfectly fine to not write it down and you can for sure turn their request down for writing this reference letter.

Reference Letter for Student

All kinds of information like about all the achievements and goals and also about their resume and curriculum vitae one must for sure explain in details so that everything stays clear. In case anyone is going to mail the letter, they should be careful regarding the format on how it is supposed to be sent and in case they are sending a hard copy then they should be also careful and should not make any mistakes like spelling or as such.

Reference Letter Format

Reference Letter Format

Before sending the letter, everything should be checked properly and this is one thing which should for sure be ensured. In the case of mailing, the line of the subject of the particular email which is to be sent should be very specific and crystal clear. It is also better to use a template of the reference letter for better format and better outlook which makes it more precise. There are a various kind of letters online which one can easily get in order to take help from them while writing this great reference letter or the letter of recommendation.

Reference Letter for Job

Always while ending such kinds of letters one must give his or hers signature exactly below the letter with the initials of that person too and also with their respective phone numbers and addresses which are correct and all these are also considered as a very significant task in the process of completing this reference letter or else the letter of recommendation.


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