How to Write a Business Letter Format

For very crucial matters or job and also for such formal meetings and exchanges and communications, one does need the business letters. There are a huge number of categories which does come under these formats which are: the letter of recommendation, the letter of the cover, the letter of the resignation, the letter of the legal correspondence, the communication of the company letter and many other such more.

Format of a Business Letter

These types of letters are so formal that while writing them one definitely needs to be very sure about all the rules and regulations of writing it in a very appropriate way. In case one is sending the letter in the form of a hard copy in case of an email, then the person needs to be more concerned with the thing as it requires more time and more attention in order to make it a correct and neat one specifically.

Format of a Business Letter,official letter format,

In order to write such kind of letters, one has to be very clear regarding the body of the letter. The body of the letter specifically has to be very clear as to what the employee wants from the company as in what he or she is eager to provide in order to make the company grow. While writing the body of the letter, one should keep in mind that proper spaces are to be given in between the paragraphs so that the information is clearly visible and all the basic information is being crystal clear in front of the interviewer.

Business Letter Example for Students

The size of the font should not exceed more than 12 to 11 points. This size is said to be the correct size pattern while writing such formal letters. Also the pattern of the fonts which are to be used are the times new roman, the courier new, the Arial or the Veranda type pf fonts which are considered as the plain ones in the patterns of the font while writing such important and necessary documents or job letters of such type and kinds.

BUsiness Leter for Students, Official Business Letter

Official Letter Format

In order to complete this, it does look good and should always be maintained on a piece of white sheet than any other colored sheet or any other as such. In case you are planning to send the official letter through and email, you have to make sure that you make no grammatical errors and for confirming it you can use a spellchecker so that very confidently you can then submit your professional letter. In the case of a hard copy usually, it is very easy in order to detect all the errors as it is being visible very neatly by the naked eye.

Professional Letter Format

After you are done writing with the letter, you can go for signing on the top of your name as this is a very important task which is to be done and completed before the submission of the hard copy at the main center to the particular person. On the other hand, if anyone is using the Microsoft word then they can use various templates which are available easily and by using them they can further make their letter give a very professional outlook.


Nowadays, the most important way in order to make such letters is by the help of the computer. Also the best means to send the letter is through the emailing. But, in the era of today too, the hard copy of an letter is given utmost importance due to its vitality and utility. The letter is supposed to be made in such a way that it does attract the interviewer or the main manager in charge and then the work is definitely done. The quality of this kind of letters should of high specific quality as these types of letters do represent the status and the quality of one’s company which they are specifically representing.

Formal Business Letter Format

The envelope which is to used should be very formal in the look and should be simple and neat and clean. The block style is also another style which is being used in order to maintain the decency of the whole letter which is to be made as the hard copy or which is to be send as an email. One can also go for printing the whole letter in a very organised way or manner such that all credentials are very clearly visible in an appropriate manner.



The date order which is to be used in the business letters is the month day and the year format which should also be maintained in a very appropriate way. In case you have the address of the sender, then it is a very great thing as you can also mention the address in the letter itself so that everything says clear as it is. Always, the name should be mentioned in full way that is the full name should be mentioned and the titles like the Mr and Ms or Mrs. Is actually and optional task which is totally up to the one who is writing the letter.


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