5+ Free Fake Doctors Note templates

Doctors note are used when you are sick or not able to go for work then the higher authority wants the proof from you that you are not lying regarding your health but in actual you are sick. Doctor note is used in this purpose. It is very essential document in the medical field on which patients’ history or health details are mentioned, but sometimes you need a fake doctor’s note so that you can introduce it in front of the authority to show your illness.

So, if are also in search for fake doctors note template then you are at right place here, we are going to introduce 5 fake doctors note templates in this section. The good thing about these templates is these templates are available at free of cost. You do not need to pay a single penny to use any template as per your requirement.

Fake Doctors Note templates 

 Fake Doctors Note templates 

Most of the times it happens that you are ill but not able to go for the doctors visit and got little bit better by using home remedies and some rest in home as the hectic schedule of the office makes you more sick and you just need a break to get back at your work again with full enthusiasm. But you have taken holiday and your company will count it as paid leave if you did not submit doctor’s note in the office. In this case you can take help of fake doctor’s note. And if you are confused that in which format the doctors note are and how to use them and you can take help of the templates listed in this article for fake doctor’s note and get relief from the office tension and your salary will not be deducted because of this.

 Doctor Note Templates 
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Doctor’s note describes all the details of the patient, patient’s disease or issue he/she troubling from, advice regarding the better health, treatment needs to be followed,  tips to be followed by the patient, diet chart, number of days patient needs to take rest, number of visits done by the patient etc. All the things are mentioned in the doctor’s note. This doctor’s note helps the patient a lot so that if he/she forgets anything in the schedule of his/her treatment then he/she can have a look at the doctor’s note and can follow the instructions mentioned on this note. Here we will list Printable fake doctor note, fake doctors note template, doctor note template, free fake doctor note and free doctor’s note for work as it can be used for other purposes as well. Along with all this we will also share the details regarding how to use doctor note template so that it become easy for you to use this template.

1. Printable Fake Doctor Note

 2. Fake doctors note template

 3. Doctor Note Template

 4. Free Fake Doctor Note

 5. Free Doctor’s Note for Work


How to use Doctor Note Templates

 How to use Doctor Note Templates 

Templates help us to have layout of the content which we are going to use and we get the professional layout or structure for the content. So, in case of doctor note we need to be aware about the usage of the doctor note template only then you can use it as it is not a informal document but a professional document about the usage of which needs to be aware by the user. If you want to use it you can save the template or download it as well.


For this you can follow mentioned steps:


  • Select the desired template of doctor’s note which you want to use
  • To save right click on the template.
  • Then to save this image select the save image as option.
  • Now, save the image in the desired folder.
  • Use this template for the further use to write a fake doctor’s note with th help of this template.
  • You can take print out of the doctor’s note after performing all the desired editing in the template.

So, all these are the templates which you can use for your work and other purpose as well. You can write down your comments or feedback regarding the article in the comment section. Your comments are very much important for us as these helps us to make our article more beneficial for the visitors and can help them more and more in any kind of there wish or search.

Hope you all get the necessary templates from this article for doctor’s note and can use them very easily as the steps are also described here.

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